Working with dad

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My father was a pioneer of handloom exports from India. 

Oh he was a hard task master! But SO methodical. Quite a perfectionist, really. He had systems and processes in his business that I don’t see today.

The record keeping was impeccable – there were no computer technology to help us - so it was all done by hand.

For example, every new product – whether a new fabric or a new cushion - always had a master record.

The master file had a little swatch and the specs recorded next to it. And every sample was given a number.

Often we had our overseas clients contacting us with vague request like: “that white fabric”. Thankfully, every item that left the building or came in was recorded so we could actually track the sample down.

He really did lead by example. He was almost always the first one to reach the office before his staff arrived!

Another wonderful quality he had and he passed to us was the value and respect of people – especially the workers and the labourers who don’t always get the respect they deserve.

We were taught to address anyone older than us with ‘ji’ the traditional indian term of respect.

I've learned a lot from my father, I want to continue to bring that rich diversity of Indian textiles and homewares to buyers here in Australia.

Both in Australia and India, I am proud to work with creatives and boutique brands who value superior materials and good craftsmanship. Those who appreciate good quality materials and want to support artisans, fair trade and a sustainable life style.

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